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101 Philosophy Problems


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Paperback, Δεύτερο χέρι, Πολύ καλή κατάσταση 0-415-26129-5 Routledge 229 2002 London αγγλικά ,

Meet The Author

In this second edition of his best-selling introduction to philosophy, Martin Cohen combines new and topical problems with humorous and engaging discussion. the new edition includes an updated glossary of helpful terms, possible new solutions to the problems, as well as many classic problems and new contemporary problems taken from the media to physics, medical ethics to artificial intelligence. 101 PHILOSOPHICAL PROBLEMS, Second Edition combines wit with philosophical scholarship and is ideal for anyone interested in this exciting and stimulating topic. Examples of problems include: Protagoras’ Problem,  The Lost Kingdom and the Pesky-Fly Problem,  The Value of Stamps and Potatoes and many more.