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Cool Hotels


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Δεύτερο χέρι, Πολύ καλή κατάσταση 3-8238-5556-5 te Neues 399 2001 Barcelona αγγλικά ,
Unruffled elegance and sophistication are the key elements to cool hotels. Our sense of luxury and our expectations have become ever more heightened during our hours of leisure. We are aware of our everyday environments and strive to refine our living spaces aided by the relentless pouring of the media. The world is all about creating our own environment. What choice must we exercise when deciding to get away and paying to stay in a showcase for contemporary talent? Hotels are the platforms for professionals to show us how it should really be done and how interiors can be fantastical, mystical, out of this world, grand, minimal, ecological and arty. There is a hotel for every mood, for every interest, for every hobby in every country – all vying to provide us with the ultimate experience. This work is a spotter’s guide to the biggest and best. A new kind of tourism has begun. A new directory is born. Whilst in London visit My Hotel, The Hempel, St Martins Lane Hotel and Sanderson Hotel. Cool Hotels covers hotel destinations in: North and South America, Australasia, Europe and Asia. No project is older than 10 years.